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Live Streaming

What we Offer?

We offer end-to-end Video Shopping Technology Services, that make smart investments, deliver great results.

Deliver great digital content

Use influencer marketing to entertain, inspire, educate and convince potential converters.

Lead Generation

Encourage interactions on your website or social media to help you generate leads.

Go Live

Live Stream in-store/ events activities. 82% of viewers prefer live videos. Live streaming can be the most effective content for increased visibility.

In-store activities

74% of consumers say engaging with a brand's event or experience makes them more likely to buy the products being promoted.

Live Video Shopping

Create engaging experience for your online buyers by mixing entertainment and commerce.

End to end support

Helping our clients suceed by providing support on technology, resources and with our experience.

How much does this cost?

Pricing is completely depends on the features what you choose. Please share your inquiry and one of our executive will get in touch shortly.

It's time to make your marketing to the next level

A successful event requires 100% customisation. minimal number of tools and dedicated tech support snd Castkom offers more than this...

Easy to use

Influencer Marketing Strategy

Fully Branded

Innovative in-store activities

Simple Pricing

Live Video Shopping

Simple Pricing

Track Marketing impact

Below are the other two services we offer, which will be main components of Experimental marketing

Influncer Marketing Strategy

Influencer marketing is more than a bandwagon. It's a powerful, scaled form of communication. As per the research, the deep thematic integrations with creators drive the highest result for brands. We will help you identifying the Right Influencer for your Campaign.

Hybrid Event

In-store activities

In-store events are an excellent way to build a community around your business, engage with customers, create brand avangelists and generate revenue. Nearly 87% of consumers chaim to purchase a brand's products after having attended one of their in-store events.

LIVE Video shopping

Create engaging experience for your buyers and increase e-Commerce conversions

  • Digitalized
    Digitalized Brick-and-Mortar Experience
  • Digitalized
    Live Demonstration of products
  • Digitalized
    Quickly Generates Enormous Sales
  • Digitalized
    Inspires Impulse Buying
  • Digitalized
    Builds Brand Awareness
Live Selling
  • Digitalized
    Can Boost Sales Volume of Underperforming Products
  • Digitalized
    Helps the buyer connect with the product
  • Digitalized
    Improves the buying experience and sales conversion rate
  • Digitalized
    Attracts new consumers with valuable content that answers questions
  • Digitalized
    Improves SEO

Video Hosting and Live Video Streaming Solutions

End to End Video streaming services from buying CDN bandwidth to Live stream your events on your website and applications. Expand the reach. Host meetings, webinars, trade fairs, corporate events, training sessions and conferences. The package offers:

  • ▪ Live Video streaming services
  • ▪ CDN bandwidth with Netstorage
  • ▪ RTMP ingest points details.
  • ▪ Video player with iframe/jscript URL to embed on your website.
  • ▪ Get M3U8 URL if you want to use your video player
  • ▪ Live Stream recording
  • ▪ Analytics
  • ▪ No Annual Contract
  • and more...

Track Marketing campain impact

The success of event and experiential marketing campaign has traditionally been measured post-event. The key performance Indicators of an experentical marketing campaign are consumer experience, foot traffic, measuring social media buzz, engagement, conversions and definitely staff feedback

Hybrid Event

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